Playing with fire in Flamanville…

…since travelling a lot trough france the amount of seen nuclear power stations is rising dramaticly. Embedded in beautiful landscapes the main sources of living are in production – besides the wine.

And now: Explosion shakes Akw in France – Flamanville.

Today the media informs about a new accident in one of this sources. Up in the north. Just a few people toxicated and everything under control.

In a power station that already had a real accident about five years ago. For hours there was radioactivity leaking out of control/Just by the way. One of them who needed to be checked just at the end of last year – the reason why there was a scarcity in energy. Stress for a country that heats mostly on electricity – during the winter. And while the population was pleased to reduce their consumption drastically the skyline was still illuminated by colorful cranes during the whole night. Official buildings and sightseeing spots as well.

Think forward. dem Feuer spielen!

Playing with fire
Ardèche, 2014

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