Step by step at Le Mékano…

…the imagination takes part on the walls of the gallery here in Trentemoult. 33 of 47 framed images have already found their place for the vernissage tomorrow – starting at 6pm – and the exposition running until the 3rd of April.

It is a nice feeling to have this view on all my images in their new presentation. Each of them became like something very special for me. Like children you have to take care of. They traveld a long way, they gave me some real thoughts about planing how to care the best for them, all together they rised in weight and were not able to handle on myselfe. YES! I guess I have a real special relationship to each of them and like to invite you starting your own realationship with them and share this moments with me.

Imagination for the walls of Le Mekano

Imagination On Walls
Trentemoult, 2017

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